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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 5, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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straight day it's been 95 degrees or hotter. >> owl there right now we're sitting at 99 degrees. that duped has now climbed to 67. our humidity is up a bit. our heat index is sitting at 104 degrees. take a look at the current numbers around the rest of the area. 95 in winchester. 100 still at this hour in fredericksburg. for us it's that heat advisory,
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and i do expect it back into tomorrow too. a line of thunderstorms, and they are a line of strong thunderstorms, moving down from the north, and trying to make their way into our area. i will keep you posted on when they're coming in and just how hot we're going to get, and when the -- it doesn't -- you have to -- every forced to make them. richard jordan is in the mt. pleasant neighborhood. with more on this. >> jim, the heat is intense, but people are trying to make the best of it, trying to take it in stride. this fountain has getting a lot of attention. everyone is just do recall whatever it takes to keep their
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cool. >> umbrellas 345i be meant for rain, but with soaring temperatures, the sun had many people opening up to get some shade. carey shaffer and his family are visiting from florida. the strong heat forced them to change their plans and fill up on water. >> i think it's cost us to -- maybe more time in the museums, more time at the pool. this jogger carries this but for some people that is not enough. figure skaters at tarlg ton iceplex were among the family dressed in layers looking for a cool change. just being inside, it cuts the temperature in half. the temperature in here is 50 degrees. >> you one in here and it's so cold. it's physically stressful. >> instead of ice, many people hit the water. nora coleman and matthew decided
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to beat the heat. they were looking for any relief. so hot, really waiting for the bus to come down here. when we got to the water, it's like. it's 20 degrees cooler. while these folks are taking it in stride and you can remember the seat can be dangerous. you start feeling nauseous or faint, but should go get checked out. remember, to drink plenty of water. richard jordan, news4. >> we're following a developing story in prince georges tonight. a 12-year-old is charged with killing a 2 nurled foster child who was staying at his home. derrick has more. >> reporter: good evening. police tell us this child was placed in the foster care system
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in order to keep her safe, but sadly they are trying to figure how how that plast ended up with the opposite effect. it was tuesday, at 5:00 p.m. an adult comes home and find his 2-year-old foster daughter unconscious. with the help of a 911 dispatcher, cpr was performed. >> 2-year-old anaya had obvious signs -- >> an autopsy yesterday confirmed that the child died the blunt force trauma. >> police begin to focus on the foster family. a 15-year-old at home, the parents were all interviews. >> detectives learned a 12-year-old had beaten the child repeatedly. detectives developed probable cause to charge the boy based on interviews conducted with the family.
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>> the youth is being held. at this point he is not being named nor is he being charged as an did you want. >> they are talk the with the state attorney's office. he's being charged as a juvenile. that could change. >> reporter: there's a statement from the department of human resources secretary, ted dallas. part of that statement says -- the department is working closely with the law enforcement and making sure that all policies and procedures were followed. of the other children in the home they were all biologically related and related to the parents, the investigation is continuing, and police say they do not believe the 12-year-old who was charged used a weapon in this beating. at prince majorities county, news4. an awful lot of violence. police investigating two deadly shootings in the district less than 12 hours apart. the first one happened last
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night on first street. police say three people with guns shot into a crowd watching fireworks. . this morning yet another deadly shooting, this one in the petworth neighborhood. police say two men in a car, it was a drive-by, shot into a crowd hold ago cookout on morton street. 35 years old jewelies barnett was killed, another man injured, so far nobody has been arrested in either case. concern about a hand grenade prompted the evacuation of a montgomery county police station. police say a man found an old hand grenade at his house. bomb squad called in to dismanting the grenade as a precaution. they say there was never any real danger. fire officials have given the all-clear. president obama is on the campaign swing through some mid western battleground states. this is his first road trip since the supreme upheld his
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health care reform law. he said the law is here to stay, but the main focus is on job. >> reporter: hawaii is taping up as possibly the most important states in the election. so it's important to note now during the campaign that ohio's economic recovery is stronger, better than most states, which could hurt mitt romney and help the president. kicking off his bus trip to the battlegrounds of ohio and pennsylvania, president obama went near toledo, ohio and detroit. he claimed he saved a million auto industry jobs. >> governor romney said we should just let detroit go bankrupt. i refused to turn my back on communities like this one. three years later the american auto industry is coming roaring back. >> reporter: unemployment in ohio and in pennsylvania is now
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almost a point below the national average. mitt romney knowed no republican has won the white house without winning ohio, as romney took time off today to go boating, two men said to be under consideration as romney running mates, tim pawlenty and bob,jindal, went to ohio to counter the obama trip. >> half our graduates will be unemployed or underemployed coming out of college thanks to this president's policies. >> with obamacare he promised health care costs would go down and people could keep their insurance. now all the credibility studies say health care costs are going up. >> reporter: but the president figures the popularity is going up, since the supreme court ruled it constitutional. >> i'll work with anybody who wants to work with me to continue to improve our health care system and or health care laws, but the law i passed is here to stay. >> reporter: a fight over health care and jobs in a battleground
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state. it's the essence of the race for the white house, with now fewer than 18 weeks until the vote. from capitol hill, i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> steve, thank you. 4% of customers who lost power on friday are still in the dark without air conditioning tonight. that number still means about 33,000 are without power. power companies beat their expectations, but that's not sitting well if you are one of the unfortunate people still waiting for the lights to come back on, especially in this triple-digit heat. >> i saw a transformer down on a car. >> reporter: pepco president thomas graham walked with me as he analyzed the destruction. in this chevy chase neighborhood where residents complained that the utility was totally unaware of their problems. >> obviously they've been devastated. our infrastructure has been devastated. we're just going to try to get
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out as quickly as we can. as bad as this is, there are hundreds of sites through outour territory that look just like this. we still have about 1400 of those to address. in a dark, hot house on irvington avenue in bethesda. nathan and his children are sleeping downstairs trying to get through hot nights. >> our frustration has been we just haven't been getting good information from pepco. they told us the power had been restored. it turns out it hadn't been restored. >> reporter: in the wildwood manor estates, three crews worked together on a snapped power pole that put most of the people here in the dark. florida power and light crews worked to restore power knocked out by a large tree that toppled, bringing down lines. six days without power, how do you feel with the crew behind
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you? >> couldn't be happier. they've been very forth coming. we're so happy they're here. >> reporter: one customer said i would offer you a nice cold drink, if i only had electricity to make ice. in montgomery county, chris gordon, news4. pepco says some people in maryland may not get power until sunday. that's awfully frustrating to many residents, particularly those who live in a particular neighborhood. their neighbors have electricity, but they don't. >> after this neighborhood was brought up, i've started to call like every three or four hours, something like thattous i want them to finish the jobs. >> if it takes until sunday, it would be nine days those folks are going without power. people are having trouble coping. darcy spence are has a report at 6:30, and on,
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you can learn whether you can leave storm debris by the curb or whether you need to take it to the dump. coming up next at 6:00, a terror cell busted near the olympic stadium in london just three weeks before the start of the summer games. a second chance at freedom for george zimmerman, a judge rules whether to grand bail for the man accused of killing an unarmed teenager. and one big bang. and one big bang. why sa wheeeeeeeeeeeee! and one big bang. why sa whee! whee! wheeeeeeeee! ah heads up. wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today.
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bail was set at $1 million for the man accused of killing a teenager named tray von martin. a general set the new amount for george zimmerman, charged with secondary murder. last month zimmerman's initial bail of $150,000 was revoked when prosecutors learned he and his wife lied about their finances. the judge said today the new bond is insurance that zimmerman won't skip town. news tonight about the captain of the costa concordia. today a court freed francesco s krchblt uttino from house arrest. however, the cord ordered him to stay in his hometown.
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scuttino face it is multiple counts of manslaughter. at least 30 people died. he's accused of causing the accident and bannoning ship. six people were arrested in london today. raids that appeared to be tied to a single investigation. some of the suspects live -- jim me dr. eda has the report. >> reporter: scotland yard is saying so far at least there doesn't seem to be any connection between today's arrest and olympic games. we have learned that those three suspects are british muslims, all brothers, and one of the brothers in fact worked at one point in the police community. now, neighbors describe the predawn raid as quite dramatic with armed and masked police storming the brothers' house
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with ladders after blowing up the front door to be explosive. they tasered one suspects that reportedly resisted arrest. >> actually to get into the building, they have a police around the back and around the front. >> reporter: the arrest of the other three individuals targeted a different part of the capital. british forces are obviously more vigilant as we approach the games. this is a particular group had been under surveillance, but it's unclear exactly what triggered the r5id, though there have been reports of an increase in communications chatter. we do know that britain's overall threat level hasn't changed. it's still substantial, which is the second highest level. that means that an attack is a strong possibility, but not imminent. i'm gi
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reporting from london, snow back to you. a fireworks show turned into a big disappointment in san diego. the display only lasted about 15 seconds after a malfunction said all the fireworks off at once. it just fizzled on out. the fireworks company apologized and said a computer glitch caused the problem. the company is offering a free do-over. >> i bet they are. >> yeah. >> yeah. people line up, wait for hours for this, and then, what? that's it? >> at least it's san diego, where the weather is perfect every single day. >> i guess. >> all the time. at least we had some spectacular displays. >> we did. apparently we'll see some more in a couple weeks. mother nature, she brought some fireworks of her own last night. there could be more on the way over the next couple hours. it just seems like a broken
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r0rd. it is hot and we have severe storms. yeah, it is hot out there. that's exactly what we're seeing. the high today that reached 100 degrees for the second time in the last week, a low of 80 this morning, extremely warm start. we may break a couple reports the next couple dales. hot temperatures, yes. if we following or forecast, we will hit 11 by sunday. take a look at other eight-day streaks. this one hotter than all of those. so yes, you know it has. right now we're setting at 99. dew points come up just a bit, but just that increase in the dew point puts the heat index
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well above 100. 101? charlottesville, these are the actual temperatures, 93 in mart as soon as burg, but watch what happened with the heat index, you see more 100s. 106? annapolis, 105 in fredericksburg. these may actually go up next hour as the dew points continue to go up. big-time storms here. also into west virginia, kentucky, ten seeing, also north carolina, and now we're watching this area of storms right here. been watching this one all day long. this one now has a couple severe thunderstorms warnings, this one, and this line is moving on our way. right for you it's about 2 1/2 hours away from montgomery county, but for you folks, it's
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about two hours away from you. in about the next two, they're hours, i will make sure to, and of course on twitter and facebook, too. you want to make sure you stay tuned. 103 in chicago, 105? st. louis, jacksonville, florida, one of the cool spots on the map at 93 degrees, temperatures, i tell you what, will be a lot hotter the next couple days. still hot with the storms possible from the north. temperatures 88 to about 93. tomorrow morning, mostly clear, warm and very muggy. tomorrow, sunny and hot. heat index between 103 and 106. 96 to about 102. the record tomorrow is 102, so we'll be close to that.
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ocean city, dewey, bethany, with plenty of sunshine, watch out for sunday. that's what we'll be watching for. 103 tomorrow, 103 on saturday. maybe 100 on sunday. before a front comes through, that front could bring in strong to severe thunderstorms. and it does like -- all of next week. i think with showingers during the afternoon. >> just plain old showers. >> yeah, that's right -- >> not the exciting kind. >> thank you, doug. coming up in the broadcast tonight, a complete taxi makeover in the district that could have you using credit cards. >> who burned a dog to death in ft. washington? animal control hit the streets trying to find out. i'm darcy spencer.
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did the storm knock out your phone and internet service? i'll tell you where this trailinger is parked and you can use come and use the computers and phones for free. aim chick hernandez. serena williams, some said she was done. now she's getting ready for breakfast at wimbledon. tiger woods is back in action. also
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sdplee mortgage rates continue to fall, and have hit another all-time record low. freddy max the a 30-year fixed dropped. the average rate on the 15-year mortgage slipped to 2.89%. cheap mortgage rates have provided a lift to the housing markets. sales of new and existing homes are up. tax cabs in the district soon could be getting a big upgrade. city officials unveiled a plan to installed new meters to allow credit card payments. tom sherwood reports. 6,500 licensed cabs in the district, some take credit cards, some don't. some know where they're going, some don't. even with the meter system it's
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not always clear in the nation's capital what the fare is. that's about to change. >> this is a very major portion of the mayor's program for modernizing our taxi fleet here in the district of columbia. mayor vincent gray announced that the city will intera five-year, $35 million contract with a come called verifone. after the end of the year they will install a credit card device, and a monitor screen for passengers to pay fares, see public service announcements, and see brief advertising and programming to help pay for the system. nbc has a national contract with verifone to provide content in taxis, so riders can see programming from nbc and news4. many drivers and passengers want the credit card option. we need that, because i god robbed last night, and, you know, we always carry cash, so we need like everybody else.
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we want credit card system. >> reporter: passengers will pay a 50 cent surcharge per trip, a fee to take advantage of the millions of out-of-town visitors to use cabs. >> which actually will relieve the taxpayers completely of paying the -- >> reporter: and for the first time the new equipment will let the taxi commission gate gps data on whether cabs are ignoring parts of the city or taking routes. >> comprehensive reform has been desperately needed literally for decades. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. if the council approved the new contract, the tax commission says it plans to start making the changes next month. it was a puzzling request in the immediate aftermath. a resident asked the fire department to come and fill up a backyard swimming pool. the fire department said yesterday. on saturday, a truck from engine company 30 made two trips to fill up the 1,000-gallon pool at
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32450 fifth street, northeast. many firefighters called it a waste of resources. after an inquiry, chief ellerbe had this to say, quote -- there was a breakdown in our internal communications regarding the request by a d.c. resident to provide a service that we do not offer. this issue will be appropriately addressed and should not be held as a mark against the hard work and dedication displayed by all of our firefighters over the past weekend. right now in aspirin georges county, a 12-year-old has been called with killing a 2-year-old foster child. it happened on taylor street in fort washington on tuesday. police say a boy beat a little girl. right now the 12-year-old is being charged as a juvenile, but police say that could change pending the outcome of the investigation. president obama is on a
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campaign swing. mitt romney took the day off and went boating with his family. he sent former gonchor tim pawlenty and governor bobby jindal to ohio to campaign in his place. hot out there right now, but at this point there are still more than 28,000 people in our area who still don't have power. pepco is working to restore power to more than 18,000 customers. bg and e has about 1500. dominion -- while so many have been impacted by power outages, it's not just the air conditioning that people are missing. in an age where we rely on technology for so much of what we do, many of feeling disconnected from the world. darcy spencer reports on that. >> no power, lanner is all i've got. >> reporter: gregg smith is a a freelance film maker and producer who works from home, at least he didened last friday
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night's storm put him temporarily out of business. >> i had two clients who i had to refer to someone else. they were clients i've worked with before, but i referred hem to somebody else. >> there's a split tree in the yard of his rockville home. no power means no computers, no editing, no internet. >> in the studio here, this is a console where we can mix music or mix film. obviously no electricity, so we're sort of screwed there. >> the main prone is downed lines. providers have told customers their repair crews can't climb the pole and repair the lines until the power companies get electricity flowing again. >> we are tess mercy of the power company. if pepco can get it back up, we're back in? business. >> reporter: verizon brought this 100-foot to tc williams high school. residents can use the interneat, make phone calls and cool down.
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>> while folks are also surfing the internet. you use it like an internet cafe, it allows international calls capabilities. he's using the mobile unit to pay some bills. >> i'm paying my bills so i don't get my utilities cut off. >> reporter: utilities you're not getting? >> part of the reason i came here was to check with the verizon people to find out when the internet service might be back up. >> reporter: any answers? >> no. >> this tractor will be here, from 9:00 until 6:00 p.m. >> in alexandria, darcy spencer, news4. so as the old saying goes, how long, oh lord, how long?
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you guys have about 5,000 outages still left? >> actually, doreen, it's 4259 customers are waiting for their service to be restored. at about 561 different work locations. the good news is we've restored 99% of all of our customers, and more good news is that we're on schedule to have everyone back on that can be on by friday night. >> you expect this to be wrapped up in just a bit more than one more day, correct? >> that's right, sir. we plan on having everyone back on by the end of tomorrow night, friday night. >> so dominion power will be ahead of the other utilities in our area. are you guys doing something right that you other guys aren't? >> well, i can't speak for the other guys. i know that we have a very experienced workforce, we've
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disciplined ourselves to stick to the restoration process, and we're working our way through it. we have a lot of people working very hard, not only dominion employees, but a ples ralph other folks from different locations. they're making good headway. we're thrilled that we're beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. >> we know that everybody who gets their power back on will be thrilled. chuck penn, thank you very much, and congratulations, by the way, for getting it done. >> thank you, sir. an official in maryland wants to find out whether utility companies should have been better prepared for the storm last week. doug in a heiri nazarian is req major companies to file reports on how they, and the commission will then evaluate whether they should have weathered the storm better, and what if anything should be done about that. a lot of perspiration and
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hard work. the forest service is reporting this fire near the george washington forest near frontroyal has now been 80% contained. lightning -- on june 25th there were fears if the flames spread off the mountain, officials would have to start evacuating homes. another wildfire is more than halfway contained. someone sexually assaulted a woman at the balston mall parking garage. arlington police say the 20-year-old woman was walking to her car yesterday afternoon. she says somebody came up from behind, lifted her skirt, touched her, she screamed and the person ran dawn the stairwell. police are trying to figure out who set a dog on fire and left it on the side of the road. officers found the down last month. they say it had duct tape on part of its body.
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today they canvassed the area looking for information in this case. >> we did find a male, looked to be a mixed chihuahua, totally burnt to a crisp, which really upset the staff, as you can imagine. we are very concerned someone would do a callous act like this on an animal. >> police say that dog did not have an i.d. or mike roar chip. they're offering a $2500 reward. some 64,000 americans and some forting 500 companies may lose internet action, all because of a virus that affected computers about a year ago. the fbi tracked down the hackers responsible for it all and replaced their so-call malware servers with clean temporary servers, but they will shut down as 12:01 a.m. this coming monday. computers still inficked will lose internet access. the fbi is using users to vitt
6:37 pm
to find out and what to do next. coming up on the broadcast, a special tribute this weekend. also a lifeguard has one heck of a first day on the job. how are we looking, doug? >> looking hot, jim, but we're also looking at thunderstorms, some strong thunderstorms making their way down across our region. we'll talk about when they may ♪
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the smithsonian institute will add a chuck brown tribute day. the tribute will include musical performances from the cold-hearted band, no question band and the junkyard band, also storytelling about the history of go-go and brown's career. that festival is free. a death certificate filed in north carolina shows that actor andy griffith died from a heart attack. he suffered the heart attack early monday morning and died 24 hours later. he was buried in the griffith family cemetery on the outer banks of north carolina.
6:41 pm
he played sheriff andy taylor on "the andy griffith show" for only eight years. reruns gained him fans. he did so much more than that. he had another successful theory ten years later and started in a pretty good movie a few years after that. a teenager from california says she finished her lifeguard training at the right time. 17-year-old jennifer mahan saved a life just three hours after graduating. she says she was walking with family and friends along oceanside harbor. somebody came screaming for help because a friend was close to drowning. mahan jumped in and was able to hold the victim's head above waters under other lifeguards could pull them both in. >> the training had us on our toes, always being aware of any situation, no matter if you're on duty or off duty. >> her first official day on duty happens a week from today. good for her.
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indeed, good for her. chick is here. we have a little sports pool out, the heli pool. it's not pretty. coming up in sports, while the nats go for the sweep against the giants, bryce harper receives his all-star fate. plus venus may have exited early, but sister serena, a
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take a look outside, not a bad place to be. i don't know why it's still in there that water, and a bit of a breeze always helps to cool things off. 99 degrees, the current temperature out of at the airport. heat index of 104 we'll see it over 100 for the next two hours or so. watch these storms. they're in baltimore county. knocks in you're meet areas, but there are quite a few storms around us. and then here's this line of storms we're going to be watching very closely.
6:46 pm
here's york south making their way down through pornz of maryland. 73 in lesion burg. 81 in washington, would that be great here's the high temperatures. we could get to 104 in cull pupper. la plata coming in at 100 degrees, it would be a very hot day. somewhere else, you can get at least some relief if you're thinking about taking your boat out or going over to sandy point. 97 on your friday, 99 on saturday, the heat remains, it will break. the heat will be busted, but it could be busted by some major storms coming up on sunday. we'll talk much more about that, too. your seven-day forecast in a
6:47 pm
minute. i want to shake his hand. i want to be the first to say we'll miss him. chik has insisted on playing 18 holes either tomorrow or saturday. you heard what doug just said. you know, 20 years ago you might have been able to survive that. all right? we suggest that you delay your golf outing. >> i have your number. i'm calling you. i can't take my clubs on vacation, so i have to get it in beforehand. >> nice knowing you. not enough fans voted him in. last year's world series, to be honest.
6:48 pm
david johnson doesn't he debuted. in april so far, harper was named rookie of the month for may, and since he's come to the show, he leads all nats in runs scored. it's because young mr. harper is playing the game a little differently than most in the game right now, regularly stretching the double to a triple. >> it's good and bad. one side is make him earn it, make him play a full year and put their time in, but on the other hand, he's a lot of fun to watch. >> you know, he's been not rushed up here, but he's been playing every inning, except i think i gave him a rest for one inning. i think he could use the time off, catch his breath, and rather than having the
6:49 pm
excitement of the all-star game. nats relevers drew stone who has missed the entire season will start tonight for potomac. if if all goes well, he 'expected to join them. left with ross debt wyler is on the hill for the good guys against matt contain, but this is a squad that is hitting the rock. 15 games above the .500 mark. big reason for the surge, zimmerman and morse. zim hitting .369 with 4 homers and 16 rbis, and morse has 4 bombs and 16 ribbies. morse has raced his anch 73 points. it makes for a chipper skipper. >> i've seen in each individual hitter getting better, having better swings, better approach, more selective, and a lot of it came on at once, but mostly it
6:50 pm
was keyed around an injured 3 hole hitter and injured 4 hole hitter. they finally got back to feeling pretty good and comfortable with timing and everything, and, you know they're my best hitters in my lineup. i consider -- they've been through the tough times, and they're going to continue what they've done their whole careers. that's hit. okay. so maybe he's not chipper. >> maybe not. well, the offense was a story for the nats yesterday, the pitch us was what brought the or i don't see the win yesterday. he game up 2 hits in 8 1/3 against his former organization. what does he gets? he's sent down to aa buoy. the birds want him to continue pitching throughout next week's all-star break instead of taking the time off.
6:51 pm
a first-round loss in the french open, doubtest began to ask that question after 17 years, is she done? to which she replied today, shh, hush. >> really? that's what she said. >> and a few other words? williams against recent number one in the world victoria azaren azarenka. serena, 7-1, first set, both holding serve. there it is. trading groundstrokes. azarenka, far court. >> whoo! >> look at her charge. >> whoo! break as azarenka serves. she wins the first set 6-3. second set, azarenka pushing back. serving far court. and serena can't return it azarenka goes up 6-5. matchpoint for williams. ace right down the middle.
6:52 pm
>> oh, my. >> 24 aces today, vance, ties an all-time wta report, advancing to the finals for the seventh time to try to win her fifth title on saturday. golf, tiger woods just four days ago after winning the at&t national here at congressional country club, teeing it up in the first round on the greenbriar classic. he's never played in west virginia, but it's close, and he's taking next week off before the british open. i've neveren there, either. tiger started on the back nine, second hole for him, a birdie, a smooth stroke. just like last week, drops it to one under, but trouble on the par 5 17th, his eighth hole, the shorty for bogey. tiger double bogeys to go one over. i never missed that short putt unless of course i'm playing in daylight. par 4 1st, this one lantz just three away.
6:53 pm
he ace eight back of vijay singh. and one hockey note, the capitals have re-signed vance is having trouble with the chair, in case you chair. [ laughter ] friday, october 12th is the caps' regular season opener. what is going on? >> i don't know, but for some reason -- >> it's a faulty chair. too much heat [ laughter ] come golf with me on the weekend. there's more. you can have fun at any age,
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one more check on doug's weather. how bad is it going to get? >> how do you like this number? 87 degree? >> i could live it. >> for monday through thus next week. until then, 100, 101, maybe even 103. >> it comes right before the 103 on saturday. i think we could get there. if we get to 1034, that would break the record on saturday of 102 degrees. sunday coming in with a temperature of 99.
6:57 pm
i'm worried about sunday a bit, because there will be a frontal boundary that would break the heat. but anytime you break heat like this with a front, you have the potential for very strong storms, so we'll watch closely. >> okay. thank you, doug. the people at the cheng-du panda base is extremely important about their mission, but there's room for fun. this youtube video is going viral. it shows several cubs romping around. the pandas seem especially to like the sliding board, and who doesn't? this year marks the 25th anniversary of the chengdu panda bay. founders rescued six pandas from the while in '87. now it has the largest captive breeding population in the
6:58 pm
world. >> maybe our pandas could use
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